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You might want to contact me if:

  • Your firm needs an experienced independent member to sit on its RemCo.
  • You are a new Managing Partner or leadership team with a mandate to revise partner evaluation and reward to better support your strategic aims and business imperatives.
  • Your firm’s evaluation and reward arrangements are driving partner behaviours and contribution that are at odds with your firm’s espoused values, strategy and business aims.
  • Partners at your firm feel that their true value to the business is not being recognised.
  • Reward levels of your best performing partners are not high enough relative to the market and/or other partners at your firm. You fear you will or have started to lose partners.
  • You are operating a legacy lock-step or “managed lock-step” profit sharing model that is no longer fit for purpose given the wide range of partner performance at your firm.
  • You just want someone who is independent to talk through your issues and options with you.

Establishing initial professional credibility as part of an ongoing working relationship is incredibly important in the work that I do and I always prefer to meet face to face wherever possible. I will happily meet with prospective clients for an exploratory chat over coffee or lunch.

Contact me using the details at the bottom of this page.