My aims and style of working are straightforward, pragmatic and business focused.

  • Create positive business impact for you people, partners and clients.
  • Work with you and your people to leave a self-sustaining legacy of deeper expertise and understanding within your business.

I use simple, reusable tools to analyse, prioritise and plan work streams, actions and resource needs. My role is to help you and your people improve your business.

When you engage me on assignment – you get me. I will not be selling anyone else or any other services. I work with a handful of clients at any one time and offer a bespoke service to them. No two clients have the same needs and often need quite different approaches, even where the assignments appear to be similar. This is often the key to achieving real, lasting and positive change, working to fit best practice to your business – not the other way around.

If I believe I am not the right person to help you I will tell you – though I may be able to point you in the right direction of former colleagues and consultants who can help you.

The service I provide is bespoke to your needs and so are the pricing arrangements I can offer you, for example.

  • matching and prioritising the services I provide to the budget you have available – you tell me how much you want to spend and I work out what I am able to provide
  • working to a retainer – for example when acting regularly as part of your RemCo
  • risk sharing arrangements – where commercially sensible for both parties
  • day rates – on a usual consultancy basis

Whichever the most appropriate basis for pricing an assignment, it will always be underpinned by the value that my expertise and experience brings to your business and the positive impact it delivers in fulfilling your strategic needs and business imperatives.

I will always work with you to ensure the most appropriate and cost-effective means of production are employed. I expect to bill you on a regular and agreed basis and to be paid promptly.